My Childhood Friend the Demon Knight Hates Me

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Ynver Moon

Heart Break 2

Chapter 2

Author’s notes:

Somehow, there are depictions of bloodshed.

Please take note for those who can’t handle such stuff.

I remembered, it was definitely that day that something started to “crumble”.

It has been four years since I met Reiss.

Being always together with me is just the norm, I met with Reiss as always, and visited the orphanage.

While playing with the other children, I heard from Uncle Allan that Reiss is not coming out of his room. Being given a single room for himself, he just stayed there alone indulging himself to his studies quietly.

“I even told him to refrain from always locking himself….” while muttering those words, I went to where Reiss’ room was with light footsteps.

There is something I need to tell him as soon as possible.

“Ne~e, Reiss. You’re there right? I’m coming in. Actually, I talked with father…

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